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PostSubject: -Kaveara-/   Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:10 pm

Character sheet for Kaveara.

Age: (Teenage)

Name: Thane Izzak
Age: 16
Job: Paper Salesman. (Office reference ftw.)
Appearance: A furry. Black fur, ankles and tip of tail have white fur. Brown eyes and black hair, although enjoys dying one side white sometimes. Could call him my OC.
Personality: Kind, Quiet, Pensive, Polite, Easy To Annoy.
Bio: Thane was an ordinary boy until age 13. (Furries are treated the same as humans.) His parents went on a train ride and never returned. He still doesn't know what happened to them. He went through a couple orphanages, recognized for his genius. When he won a prize for his intelligence, he bought a house, and sought other orphans he was friends with to share it with them.
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